New Products Listing

Deadlines have passed to provide your product name and description for the listing:

  • Printed Program & Exhibit Guide – October 13, 2017
  • Website and signage in your booth – December 15, 2017

About the Opportunity

Exhibitors may choose to be included in the New Products Listing to showcase new products introduced to the market after Feb. 1, 2017.

Participation in the New Products Listing includes:

  • Signage in your booth with the new product description.
  • A dedicated section highlighting your company and product in the printed Program & Exhibit Guide.
  • Exposure of your company and product on this webpage.

View this year's participants.

New for 2018:
Exhibitors submitting an application to participate in ATSSA’s New Products Rollout, the ATSSA Innovation Awards, and/or the New Products Listing must certify that their new, innovative product is not simply a minor, modified version of a previously submitted product. If it is the same product with modifications, any or all significant enhancements, improvements, technology or innovation that has been added to the product since February 2017 shall be submitted on the application. Exhibitors will also include a description or statement of 25 words or less that describes what makes the new product truly unique, innovative, and/or new to the industry.

Additional Innovative Product Opportunities

ATSSA's New Products Rollout:
Exhibitors may apply to participate in ATSSA's New Products Rollout event with new products introduced to the market after Feb. 1, 2017. ATSSA's New Products Rollout is a separate event from the ATSSA Innovation Awards and New Products Listing. To learn more, click here

Innovation Award

ATSSA Innovation Awards:

Exhibitors may apply to vie for the ATSSA Innovation Awards with new products introduced to the market after Feb. 1, 2017. The ATSSA Innovation Awards is a separate event from the New Products Rollout and New Products Listing. To learn more, click here



For more information or questions regarding the New Products Listing, contact:

Mitzi Osterhout, CFO & COO
Office: 540-368-1701

2018 New Products Listing Participants

The following exhibitors have entered into the New Products Listing for ATSSA’s 48th Annual Convention & Traffic Expo in San Antonio, Texas, Jan. 26-30, 2018. Inclusion in this listing offers additional exposure to companies of new roadway safety industry products.

Media and guests of Traffic Expo may visit the following exhibitors in their booths during exhibit hours to learn more about their new products and services.

Tire Conversion Technologies, Inc. – Booth 1115
Contact: Rodney LaPage,

Product 1: The Friendly Flagger
Description: Portable base w/wheels gives flagger break between signals, rotate sign with ease, let product shoulder burden.

Product 2: Speed Bump with Flexible Sign Post
Description: Often pedestrian signs accompany a speed bump and traffic speed bumps w/a sign off to the side. This product combines the two in one.

Safe Barriers Pte. Ltd. – Booth 1037
Contact: Russell Hood,

Product: Defender Barrier
Description: Product is MASH tested temporary steel barrier, free standing for TL-2 and TL-3, and anchored for TL-3 low defelction and TL-4. Product is first temporary barrier to meet MASH TL-4 and conduct required transition testing.

Professional Pavement Products, Inc. – Booth 1030
Contact: Heidi Green/Greg Driskell,

Product: LaneAlert 2x
Description: Countermeasure to 'Wrong-Way' driving. Continuous pavement marking that displays unidirectional colors/messages based on travel direction.

SMITH Surface-Prep Solutions – Booth 738
Contact: Jeff Naslund,

Product: SMITH Automatic Engagement System
Description: The AES eliminates guesswork with pre-set automatic depth and pressure controls, assuring you achieve consistent and correct surface profiles on concrete and asphalt.

Royal Truck and Equipment – Booth 341
Contact: Taylor Wills,

Product: Virtual Reality
Description: Virtual reality based training programs significantly improve training. Trainees safely experience dangerous situations they will face on the job, utilizing proven knowledge-retention methods.

Ver-Mac – Booth 455
Contact: Todd Melin,

Product 1: Ver-Mac Work Zone Management Camera System
Description: Fully-automated cloud based camera system allows traffic control, pavement marking and construction companies to document projects. System provides high quality videos, automatic video transfer, cloud-based storage for three years and easy download. Interactive video playback software provides HD videos w/dual interactive Google map. Ideal to ensure accurate counts of deployed equipment, protect against future litigation, quality control and asset management.

Products 2: PTL-1000, PSLT-4000S, SpeedCam, Speed-Mac V2 VP
Descriptions: PTL-1000: Target Light, trolley-mounted lighting system
PSLT-4000S: Trailer-Mounted compact solar lighting system
SpeedCam: Trailer-Mounted speed and plate logging system
Speed-Mac V2 VP: Portable sensor for smart work zones

ETI USA, Inc. – Booth 483
Contact: John Lee,

Product: ETI Rolling Barrier Guardrail: RBG-MASH-TL4
Description: An innovative, energy absorbing guardrail alternative with reusable EVA material elements for frequently hit dangerous roadside and median curve installations providing safer roads saving lives.

Nite Beam Products LLC – Booth 1326
Contact: Michael "Tonto" Alexander,

Product 1: Nite Beams High Intensity Wrist Lights
Description: Nite Beams USB Rechargable Wrist Lights provide high-intensity, hands-free lighting for various tasks. Instant light at the push of a button.

Product 2: Nite Beams Body Alert Light
Description: Nite Beams USB Rechargable Body Alert Light/Flashlight was created to save lives and prevent injuries to anyone working in the dark. Emits beams up to 500 meters.

Illumagear – Booth 1035
Contact: Jen Irish,

Product: Halo 360 Personal Lighting
Description: The Halo™ cord-free 360° Personal Lighting™ system attaches to a hard hat and enables the wearer to See and Be Seen™ in all directions.

Trinity Highway – Booth 409, 509
Contact: Mary Beth Klein,

Product: Guide Lite
Description: The Guide Lite is a light-weight, snow-plowable raised pavement marker. Made of a durable plastic material with abrasion resistant steel rub rails, the Guide Lite weighs only about 1/4 that of a traditional cast iron markers. Because it is made of durable plastic, there is no cast iron debris to potentially cause damage.

Epic Solutions Inc. – Booth 776
Contact: Jeff Wilkens,

Product: Automated Tape Applicator
Description: The Automated Tape Applicator applies permanent and temporary tape to any road surface, cuts to length automatically on the fly with built strip timer. No mark out needed.

Reflective Measurement Systems Ltd – Booth 458
Contact: Joe Turley,

Product: RetroTek
Description: The next generation of dynamic Retroreflectometers, collecting road marking/striping data across the lane width in one pass. Efficient Evaluated to CEN EN1436 and ASTM E1710.

American Signal Company – Booth 371
Contact: Casey Inoue,

Product: Alert Warning System
Description: Protect crews conducting rolling lane closures with a uniquely designed motorist notification solution. Amsig's Alert Warning System uses lights, sound, dynamic messaging and/or directional information.

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